Saturdays! @ 9pm at Marie Callender's
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Comedy Show
The Naked Clown can provide you and your guests with professional, quality Live Entertainment!

·        A Comedy show can be used as a regular Fund Raiser.
·        Did you know a weekly comedy show can generate New Income during regular
         business hours?
·        A good weekly Comedy Night can last for years (5, 10, or 15…)
·        A Comedy Show is a great entertainment alternative to the movies
·        Comedy is healthy.  Have you ever heard "Laughter is the best medicine?"
·        Most people love going to Comedy Shows but do not want to deal with

Comedy is serious business!

·        Do you want to have a weekly Comedy Night at your restaurant, club, or bar?
·        Do you have a non-profit and want to have a Fund Raiser?
·        Does your company need to loosen up a bit and treat your employees to their own
         private comedy show?

Stand up Comedy is a great way to generate money for your business, group, organization, or club.

·        Call today to Schedule an appointment with one of our Comedy Show Planners
·        The Comedy Show Planner needs to meet at the location of the show and
         determine the best set-up to meet your needs and make this a success!
·        You and the Comedy Show Planner will determine the day, weekday or weekend
         night of the show as well.
the hassle of driving to the city