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Comedy Show
   Since 1988, ‘The Naked Clown  has produced Comedy Nights and Comedy Fund Raisers successfully in the Boston area.  It all began after I began to perform stand-up comedy in 1986 in Boston.  After retiring for a year or two, I got back into performing stand-up comedy, but also started booking shows.  I booked comedy shows for years while living in Massachusetts.   

   I always maintained a good reputation with all of the comics I booked.  When I lived in Boston, I ran weekly Comedy Nights and booked comics who had appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Leno, and on Late Night with David Letterman. 

   I was brainstorming a name for the comedy shows I was putting together, and talking on the telephone with my good friend, and former college roommate, who worked as a graphic designer in New York City, he brought up how he and another designer friend of his always joked about how a naked clown used in graphic design would be a funny non sequitur.  Just then, the words ‘naked clown  struck me.  Freethinkingly, I thought, how, at the time, I was performing stand-up comedy making people laugh, and was not I a ‘naked clown?   Hence, if someone makes you laugh and they are without the clown costume and make-up, they are a ‘naked clown.’

   In 1995, I moved to Los Angeles performing stand-up comedy in over 300 comedy shows a year, including all the major comedy clubs in Hollywood.  I also ran a weekly Comedy Night on Sunset during that time.  But, I had a dream…to get married and have kids. 

   So, in 1999, I retired from stand-up comedy went back to school and began teaching.  In 2001, I got married to the woman of my dreams.  In 2002, we gave birth to two beautiful children (one in January and the other in November).  But I had a dream… to be re-involved in stand-up comedy. 

So, in 1988, THE NAKED CLOWN  was born…
and now, in 2011, THE NAKED CLOWN is back!